Points to Ponder Driving in Asia

Points to Ponder Driving in Asia

Part of the text below were taken from one the Reader’s Digest columns ‘Unbelievable Tall Tales From Asia by Nury Vittachi’. The title is ‘Staying Alive on Asian Roads’.

Got Milk? (http://bad-drivers-today.blogspot.com/)

… 5 general rules of the road for drivers in Asia:

Rule 1: There are no rules, except the golden rule: Cows get priority.

Rule 2: All traffic drives on the left, except for traffic that drives on the right and traffic that drives in the middle.

Rule 3: All drivers are obliged to help break the record for largest number of vehicles abreast on a twolane highway.

Rule 4: Signalling before you turn is considered bad form, since surprises are more fun.

Rule 5: When driving at night, headlights should be kept at full beam to blind oncoming drivers or swtiched off (see reference to “surprises” in Rule 4)

Well, be careful when driving and think about this 5 rules when you hit the road.

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