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Kenduri Aiman

On 13/6/09 there was a ‘kenduri’ held by abang Omar and kak Ijum (Uda)… It was to celebrate their son of being brave enough to be ‘khatan’. To Mohd Aiman… selamat melangkah ke alam dewasa… for those of you who wanted to to know what is ‘khatan’ actually it is a …. uh.. erm.. well… you can google it for yourself  8-)

The best part of this event is that kak Ijum is one of the best cooker in the PegeArk clan (erm the other is for sure my wife)… Kak Ijum is like King Midas that turned everything he touch into gold, but in this case what she cook for sure will turned into an unforgertable yummy dishes… The lala masak sambal, ayam curry, ayam goreng and others… The taste is superb!!!…

Anyway thank you for the Abang Omar family for kindly invited us to the event and finishing off their ‘lauk’ huhu!!!… Kalau ada kenduri jangan lupa ajak kami lagi…

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